Disc golf returns to Copper Mountain

July 16, 2011

Copper Mountain, Colorado — Disc golf will return to Copper Mountain after a four-year break starting this coming Monday, July 18. The new nine-hole course has been set up in the developed footprint of cleared trails at the resort, above the Copper Creek golf course on Skid Row and Collage trails.

The U.S. Forest Service reviewed plans for the new course during the past year and gave the OK a few months ago, according to Shelly Grail, a winter sports and recreation ranger with the Dillon District. The previous course was located in the same general area, but the new lay-out avoids environmental concerns like erosion, soil compaction and damage to wetlands and forested areas.

In a press release, Copper Mountain officials said the former course was closed in part because users were not respecting the course and the mountain. Problems included new social trails in wetlands and litter left on the course.

“Please RESPECT the disc golf course, the surrounding areas, and as always ‘Pack It In, Pack It Out.’ There will be garbage cans and recycling bins located throughout the disc golf course for your convenience, so please be sure to use them. If the course gets trashed this summer, the powers that be unfortunately might not allow the course to come back in the future,” the resort stated.

Pizza Carlo and Endo’s Adrenaline Café will be the new home of the disc golf course. Stop by either of these locations for more info on the course and for great disc golf specials. The new 9-hole course will be open from sunrise to sunset.

Disc Golf is a highly active outdoor sport that requires uphill hiking. While efforts have been made to provide for your disc golfing pleasure, always keep in mind you are in a mountain environment that requires alertness, common sense and caution. Due to the sensitive nature of this high alpine environment, please adhere to the following rules and guidelines:

·         Hiking boots or sturdy footwear is recommended.
·         We love animals, but sorry, no pets allowed.
·         No smoking, due to the extreme fire danger.
·         Please yield to all mountain bikers and hikers — the course does get close to trails.
·         Wetlands are considered out of bounds. Carefully remove your disc and take a penalty stroke.
·         Please make sure to bring water — and drink it. Drink before you are thirsty, as thirst is a signal that
          your body is already on the way to dehydration.
·         Be prepared for sudden changes in weather, after all, this is a high alpine environment.
·         Please pack all trash and recyclables out with you when you leave.


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